1986 Mercedes Benz 190D

This 190D is in great shape. You can see in the pictures that there is very little rust whatsoever on the car. You can see just a little bit on one wheel well, otherwise it's virtually clean. Usually these cars have tons of rust around the jack holes. This goes to show the car was very well cared for. The previous owner was a doctor in New Jersey who drove it to and from work for almost 20 years. The best evidence that this car was very well maintained is the factory service book. Each page tells what service needs to be done and by when. Every page up to 100K miles has been signed off on by the dealer. This means that the dealer maintained this car on schedule meticulously for over 100K miles.

The exterior has nearly perfect paint with a very little bit of rust. The interior is in excellent shape as well. There are a couple cracks in the dash from sun. Otherwise seats and floor mats are almost perfect. (driver's floor mat is a little more worn)

The motor runs strong and has never had any problems that I've experienced. It always starts right away even on the coldest winter days without a block heater. Considering the maintenance record it will probably be one of those 190's that make it to 500K+. That is why I bought the car.

What I've replaced...

What's wrong with the car...

So why would I sell this car?
unfortunately, the back seat of the 190D is not big enough for two child seats. We have one kid and will be having another soon. It's difficult to fit the kid in once the car seat is in. Two would be too much. Sad to say, it's time for a minivan. I'm looking into diesel vans to convert instead. Dodge Sprinter maybe? This car is perfect for someone without young kids, but I don't recommend it for people who's life and automobile revolve around young kids.

I've invested a lot of money in this car and even drove across the country to get it. The Greasecar kit is $1000 and the installation is worth $1000. I've spent countless hours maintaining it and planning for a long future of having it pay back in spades. I'm banking on the kids paying back more than the car now though ;)