Well, Rachel quit her job, which means there will be more updates for Davauer.com. For the next seven months those updates will be coming from unknown locations. Jacob is accompanying us on a trip that will start off in London, move through Berlin into Moscow and land us in Shanghai after traveling across Siberia and Mongolia via train. We will be staying in Asia for a few months after which we plan to make our way back to Scotland for a while. We do however reserve the right to change these plans dramatically at any point. On with the pictures...

We saw the last joust of the world champion of jousting in Beaver Dam. That's right, world champion jousting in Beaver Dam.

A gorgeous weekend in Madison to confirm just why it's the greatest town in the world

A stormy weekend in Milwaukee to usher us out of one sublet into another.

Blood runs red on Halloween at our East Side megaplex.

How many 1/2 in. tall Amish men does it take to build a barn? Find out at Trainfest!

How may different arrangements of facial hair can one man have? Find out on Nat's face!

Strange Brew makes room for Nat's photos and even more room for Irish dancing.

X-mas prezzies and puppies.

We celebrated the year 3006 on Jan. first. Marty McFly set our time machine wrong and we ended up watching awards speeches in Thunderdome.

We did mark our immanent departure with the burning of stuff and lighting of fireworks. Thanks to everyone who came as we had a great time. We've decided to have a large bonfire everyday upon our return. Please begin collecting things such as pool tables, pandas and wheels of fortune. I hope you all enjoyed the abandoned house. We enjoyed it thoroughly and will now proceed to abandon our own house for the time being.

We did not abandon kitty however. She is being well cared for by Mr. and Mrs. B. Thanks!

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