"Are they joking? That was a joke right?"

The answer to these questions is, of course, no. Rachel Davida and Nathaniel Sauer have become Rachel and Nat Davauer! With all due respect to the heritage of our given names, we have decided not to forget them, but to remember them both by combining them. We hope this will reflect both of our families as well as our own unique partnership in life.

We think the name sounds nice as well as projects an optimistic spirit. We plan to devour the experiences this life offers us like a holiday feast.

Although we neglected to at the reception, we meant to congratulate everyone celebrating an anniversary especially Don and Dolly Sauer who celebrated their 55th in July.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make our wedding so special. Please click on Thank You! to the right for details and pictures.

You can download a Flash version of our slideshow shown at the reception by clicking with your right mouse button here and then click on "save target as" then save it to you computer. (It is 3MB: approx. 10 min on 56k). If you have a broadband connection you can view it here

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